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David Felfoldi

June 8, 2017

State of User Experience: E-commerce Websites

The State of the User Experience is a result of annual surveys that explore consumer expectations and behaviors online. Here are the 3 key takeaways you need to know for your own web property: Focus on mobile experiences. Design for the mobile experience first, routinely verify that it loads quickly,…
WordPress Maintenance
How To
September 2, 2015

Does my WordPress Website Need Maintenance?

Most people understand and accept that complex machinery, like a car, requires routine maintenance in order to run reliably. The same logic applies to the complex machinery behind a website's content management system (CRM), and even more so with an open-source CMS like WordPress. Why Every WordPress Needs Maintenance Selecting…
How ToResearch
August 24, 2015

Why Is My Website Traffic Declining?

Clients sometimes come to SHERPA in a panic asking us to help them stop the loss in web traffic or leads. The conversation usually goes something like: "I used to get a lot of traffic/leads, but not anymore. How do I reverse this?" So let's investigate. What happened to their…
perfect landing page
How To
April 20, 2015

How to Achieve a 10% Landing Page Conversion Rate

How do you optimize your landing pages to propel your conversion rate from the standard two to three percent to upwards of 10 percent? Simply attend to these three key factors—considerate design, simplified content, and test and repeat. Based on analysis of thousands of Google Ads campaigns, the median landing…
conversion rate optimization
April 20, 2015

The Average Conversion Rate for Paid Search

Clients often ask their Sherpa what is a good conversion rate for their paid search campaign. Without having to fall back on a lot of "it depends"—on your industry, landing page layout, campaign configuration, creative or copy—here are some pointers from a recent analysis of thousands of Google Ads campaigns…
How To
March 9, 2015

How Much is Organic Search Traffic Worth?

This post will help you understand what costs factor into estimating an organic search engine optimization campaign as well as help you calculate the value of website traffic garnered from organic search engine optimization. Understanding the Value of Organic Search Engine Traffic Search traffic is usually the most common source…
Mobile Website Redesign Options
How To
October 1, 2014

Mobile Website Redesign Options

The mobile web has not only arrived, it is the new norm; 60 percent of Internet access is made on a mobile device. What's more, these visitors now expect and demand a mobile experience -- 40% will immediately leave a website that isn't mobile-friendly. The modern marketing manager understands that…
Should I Use a Carousel?
How To
July 18, 2014

Should I Use a Homepage Carousel?

"Can we use one of those interactive thingies that lets us show visitors important offers and announcements on the homepage?" That is one of the most common requests we get from clients. What they are referring to in web-parlance is a carousel, but may interchangeably be called a slider, gallery,…