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Rusty Parker

November 1, 2015

Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits

What’s better than low-cost targeted online advertising? FREE targeted online advertising. Every nonprofit organization understands how important it is to stretch every dollar. Resources can be scarce, so you have to make every investment count. Organizations rightly want to put most of their resources directly toward serving their mission, with…
May 8, 2015

SHERPA is a Google Partner

SHERPA is certifiable. In a good way, I mean. We’re excited to say that we recently became full-fledged Google Partners! We’ve got the badge to prove it: What does being a Google Partner mean? Well, a couple things: We’ve got book smarts. We literally passed tests to ensure that we…
How To
April 30, 2015

3 Ways to Achieve AdWords Optimization

Google provides for over two-thirds of all online searches. Is your Google Ads campaign optimized for these potential customers? Get your paid search click-through-rate to soar above the one percent general average with insight from SHERPA's Google Ads certified Director of Data and Analytics. In my recent video “How to…
website stickiness metrics
How To
March 31, 2015

Sticky Situations: Improving Website Stickiness Metrics

How can anyone measure audience engagement? That’s an important question that anyone who runs a website should consider. Everyone designs their websites with some sort of user engagement in mind. Whether it’s simply reading the content, or providing their information, or purchasing a product, there is always a goal in…
Key Segments for Effective Google Analytics
How To
February 10, 2015

Key Segments for Effective Analytics

Your website’s analytics tell the story of who is coming to your site, how they got there, and what they’re doing once they get there. But, as I mention in the video above, not everyone is coming to your site the same way or for the same reasons, so they…
How To
October 8, 2014

4 Tips for More Effective Web Surveys

Conducting a web survey is not always as simple as it sounds. Sure, online survey services like SurveyMonkey have made it easy for folks to create their own surveys and send them out to their mailing lists, and even to the general public. But what good is a survey if…
March 31, 2014

4 Responsive vs. Adaptive Design Questions

Mobile devices, especially smartphones, have become the new digital screen.  As smartphone and tablet use continue to increase in popularity, companies should account for the equally increasing importance of mobile friendly sites. A web developer's toolkit has two main tools to respond to this challenge: responsive design, or adaptive design.…