Clients often ask their Sherpa what is a good conversion rate for their paid search campaign. Without having to fall back on a lot of “it depends”—on your industry, landing page layout, campaign configuration, creative or copy—here are some pointers from a recent analysis of thousands of Google Ads campaigns totalling $3 billion in spend:

conversion rate distribution

As you can see from the graph, the median performance was 2.35%, but looking at the distribution reveals some interesting points:

  • about 1/4 of all accounts have less than 1% conversion rates
  • the top 25% of accounts have twice that—5.31% or greater
  • the top 10% of Google Ads advertisers have account conversion rates of 11.45%

A closer look at the conversion rates by industry found that the top tenth consistently performed 3-5x the median conversion rate for their particular industry. Ecommerce may have the lowest median conversion rates at 1.84% and Finance the highest at 5.01%, but the top tenth still stood out as remarkable performers across all industries.


How does your paid search campaign conversion rate compare in performance?

David Felfoldi

David Felfoldi

David Felfoldi is a digital marketing strategist for SHERPA Global. Over the past 15 years, David has guided the digital strategy behind notable organizations such as ADP, Spanx, Racetrac, Gables, and the National Center of Civil and Human Rights. When not tinkering with technology or musing on marketing David enjoys running and cycling adventures across the globe.

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