Is Your Ecommerce Ready for the Holiday Rush?
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September 30, 2019

Is Your Ecommerce Ready for the Holiday Rush?

Once kids go back to school, life becomes a fast-paced roller coaster of time commitments and events to the end of the year. With limited time, and the ease of convenience, consumers are turning to mobile shopping more and more. As an online seller, is your ecommerce ready for shouldering…
Tried, True, Tested Content Marketing Channels
June 26, 2019

Tried, True, Tested Content Marketing Channels

It seems like there are as many channels for marketing content online as there are channels on your television. The ways in which brands can engage customers has expanded tremendously over the last decade. And while new channels emerge and take their place among the throng, there are some content…
June 8, 2017

State of User Experience: E-commerce Websites

The State of the User Experience is a result of annual surveys that explore consumer expectations and behaviors online. Here are the 3 key takeaways you need to know for your own web property: Focus on mobile experiences. Design for the mobile experience first, routinely verify that it loads quickly,…
November 1, 2015

Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits

What’s better than low-cost targeted online advertising? FREE targeted online advertising. Every nonprofit organization understands how important it is to stretch every dollar. Resources can be scarce, so you have to make every investment count. Organizations rightly want to put most of their resources directly toward serving their mission, with…
WordPress Maintenance
How To
September 2, 2015

Does my WordPress Website Need Maintenance?

Most people understand and accept that complex machinery, like a car, requires routine maintenance in order to run reliably. The same logic applies to the complex machinery behind a website's content management system (CRM), and even more so with an open-source CMS like WordPress. Why Every WordPress Needs Maintenance Selecting…
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August 24, 2015

Why Is My Website Traffic Declining?

Clients sometimes come to SHERPA in a panic asking us to help them stop the loss in web traffic or leads. The conversation usually goes something like: "I used to get a lot of traffic/leads, but not anymore. How do I reverse this?" So let's investigate. What happened to their…