The mobile web has not only arrived, it is the new norm; 60 percent of Internet access is made on a mobile device. What’s more, these visitors now expect and demand a mobile experience — 40% will immediately leave a website that isn’t mobile-friendly.

The modern marketing manager understands that that every aspect of their online marketing efforts – content, email, search, and social – is affected by mobile devices now. So what are your options for a mobile website design?

Does your website design display optimally on mobile devices?

In this video we discuss the three ways you can display your website on a mobile device.

  • Responsive web design: the design responds to the device’s viewport; you display the same content across all types of devices.
  • Adaptive web application: the design adapts to the specific device type or model; you can control the specific content you show, and how, based on the device used.
  • Native app: the design utilizes the native capabilities of the device; you can use device-specific features like the camera, GPS, notifications, and local data storage.

Preparing for a mobile website redesign?

Getting ready for a website redesign or overhaul that needs to display & function on all sorts of mobile devices? Learn how to prepare for an adaptive or responsive website redesign.

David Felfoldi

David Felfoldi

David Felfoldi is a digital marketing strategist for SHERPA Global. Over the past 15 years, David has guided the digital strategy behind notable organizations such as ADP, Spanx, Racetrac, Gables, and the National Center of Civil and Human Rights. When not tinkering with technology or musing on marketing David enjoys running and cycling adventures across the globe.

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