WordPress Webmaster


Includes all 3 WordPress-as-a-Service products -- Hosting + Maintenance, Priority Support for WordPress, and Real-time Webmaster.


  • 25GB SSD storage / 250GB bandwidth

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee

  • Automatic WordPress updates -- dot versions only

  • Automatic plugin and theme patches -- dot versions only

  • Unlimited page versioning and instant restore

  • Daily snapshot backup with 15-day manual restore ($250/per)

  • Monthly data storage with 3-month manual restore ($500/per)

  • 24/7 uptime monitoring alerts (email/SMS)

  • Website Care report (quarterly)

  • WordPress Website Security Tune-up (annually)

  • Troubleshooting tickets totaling up to 2 hours total each month

  • Priority response within 4 business hours

  • Primary technical contact for WordPress platform + plugins

  • Manually guided WordPress updates -- full and dot versions

  • Manually guided plugin and theme patches -- full and dot versions

  • Pre-paid on-demand requests -- up to 3 additional hours each month

  • Connect in real-time via a secure online chat channel

  • Request same-day, on-demand videoconferences

  • Email-in a private email address for up to 2 pre-authorized contacts

  • Covers any CMS platform and 3rd party integration


  • Includes access to over $500 in FREE add-ons, including performance caching, real-time malware monitoring, advanced form builder, SEO editor, image optimization, secure socket layer (SSL), and an annual domain renewal!

  • Extends support coverage to secondary integrations, including extended overage to secondary, including Google Analytics, MailChimp, Stripe, and more!

  • Includes access to an entire team of certified web consultants, including Google Analytics, MailChimp, CallRail, and more!