In 2001, Wikipedia was born, and the average Internet user spent about 83 minutes online per day. That same year, SHERPA’s Pablo Pereyra was drawn to the huge possibilities for creativity, information sharing and community building across the World Wide Web.

He began creating websites that same year, and now has seen many of those possibilities come to fruition—in 2019, the average Internet user is online more than six hours a day.

Pablo studied graphic design in 2000, prior to his web development studies in 2001. In 2005, he received the Cambridge First Certificate in English. This certification broadened his reach beyond his home country of Uruguay. He now enjoys meeting and working with people from all over the globe, as they seek his skills in creating professional and functional websites. To complete his studies, in 2005-2007, Pablo studied for Analyst in Information Technology from ORT University.

Over the years, Pablo has felt privileged to work with companies like: Care Angel; Santander Bank Uruguay; BID Gender Toolkit; BID Transport Gender Lab; Noticiero Venevision; Mosca Hnos Extranet; and many more.

As part of the SHERPA team, Pablo develops websites using a variety of content management systems like WordPress or Drupal. Once live, Pablo ensures customer sites remain functioning, providing support as needed. His expertise and experience is heavily relied upon by the entire SHERPA team!



Web Support


Music and Television Fan




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Training (Academic)

Graphic design, web design, information technology analyst

Trail Experience (Professional)

18 years in web development

Preferred Survival Tool

I guess to survive I’ll need a Beatles album and the third season of The Office! 😁

If I Was a Trail Mix...

The ingredients should be passion, hard work, humor and love (and nuts)! LOL

Travel Companions

My daughter (Martina, 14 years old), and I’m waiting for my niece to be born in the next days. MY 2 brothers, father, mother, uncle, aunt, and grandmother.