SHERPA is certifiable. In a good way, I mean.

We’re excited to say that we recently became full-fledged Google Partners! We’ve got the badge to prove it:


What does being a Google Partner mean? Well, a couple things:

  • We’ve got book smarts. We literally passed tests to ensure that we have mastered everything that goes along with Google Analytics and Google Ads. We hit the books and scored highly on exams related to fundamental and advanced concepts of the handy tools Google offers. (It had been awhile since some of us had taken a test, so it felt good to sharpen our figurative #2 pencils.)
  • We’ve got street smarts. We also had to show Google how we’ve helped our clients achieve their online goals, and prove that we use accepted best practices to get there. We mean it when we say on our homepage that we: “apply human behavior and data insights to web and mobile application data, so that companies can connect with customers more effectively—and we can prove it,” We submitted case studies on our previous efforts to Google, and they agreed that we serve our clients well.

We’ve been using Google Analytics and Google Ads for a long time, and we’re proud of our newfound bona fides. We love learning new things and then putting that knowledge into action, and we are dedicated to staying on top of the latest technology, techniques, and best practices that will best serve our clients.

Being a Google Partner ensures that we have the knowledge and track record to collect the relevant data needed to create websites that are optimized for conversions and online campaigns that bring in qualified leads. Our Partner status also gives us access to special Google resources and opportunities that we can use to enhance our knowledge base and connect with experts inside Google.

So, feel free to ask us anything about Google Analytics or Google Ads. See if you can stump us.

Rusty Parker

Rusty Parker

Rusty Parker is the director of data and analytics for SHERPA Global. He has a doctoral degree in Applied Sociology from Baylor University, with an emphasis on survey methodology and data analysis. He has led data collection projects for corporate, government, and nonprofit clients for more than 10 years.

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