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How User Behavior Analysis Informs Your Site’s Functionality
How To
October 9, 2019

User Behavior Analysis Tactics to Inform Your Site’s Functionality

How much energy are you investing into understanding user behavior on your website? Making a conscious effort to observe and analyze user behavior will identify where people click on your site, how far they scroll the page, where they spend time, and where they leave your site. User Behavior Analysis…
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How ToResearch
September 17, 2015

Using Qualitative Research to Improve Your Website

I’m a data nerd who loves crunching numbers, and I’ve used some space on this blog to talk about the benefits of quantitative research for your projects. But conducting quantitative research isn’t always the best way to go when you have strategic questions that you need answered—many times, qualitative research…
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March 31, 2014

4 Responsive vs. Adaptive Design Questions

Mobile devices, especially smartphones, have become the new digital screen.  As smartphone and tablet use continue to increase in popularity, companies should account for the equally increasing importance of mobile friendly sites. A web developer's toolkit has two main tools to respond to this challenge: responsive design, or adaptive design.…
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