Service Blueprint


More than just a customer journey map, a service blueprint visually diagrams the touchpoints between a company and its customers to help the organization understand and improve its cross-functional efforts.

If your customer satisfaction score is lacking, documenting your current omnichannel service design process will reveal opportunities to enhance the user experience, which translates into happier customers and improved key performance indicators

  • Provides a comprehensive understanding of your service and the underlying resources

  • Exposes the big picture of your service process

  • Offers a map of dependencies to pinpoint weaknesses in your ecosystem

  • Identifies opportunities for potential improvement

  • Determine where to eliminate redundancies

  • Coordinates bridging cross-department efforts


A SHERPA Service Blueprint includes an interview with up to five stakeholders to document the current service design process for one type of customer/persona and a review of analytics and customer service/support logs, if available (up to 4 hours).

SHERPA will then deliver a current state service blueprint of your service design process for a designated customer/persona with insights and a future state service blueprint with recommendations for improvement.