What's Included in our Statamic plans?

You being worry-free.

SHERPA will carry the burden of managing your Statamic website—that’s kinda what a sherpa does! We provide quick responses, personable customer service, and expert advice.

You being delighted.

SHERPA will R.O.C.K you, and your Statamic website!

  • Respond as helpful experts.
  • Our word is our promise.
  • Continually learn.
  • Keep having fun.

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SHERPA makes our own trail mix recipes. We look forward to sharing it with you. What is your favorite ingredient?

Frequently Asked Questions

The best defense to thwart attacks on your website is to keep Statamic and add-ons up-to-date. Statamic releases updates regularly, averaging about every other week -- check out their release notes!. These updates, however, may require manual installation to avoid leaving your entire Statamic website out of service.

Let’s talk about how we can maintain your Statamic investment.

To ensure website security and stability, we immediately process all patch updates for Statamic core and add-ons. In the event of a plugin compatibility issue, we are here to manually restore the website to full functionality and advise you on how to resolve the conflict.

If you want to update a full version of Statamic or any add-ons please request an estimate.

If all you need is a place to host a brochure-ware Statamic website, we recommend a hosting provider like WPEngine. But if you want specialized Statamic hosting AND worry-free maintenance AND expert, white-glove support services, SHERPA offers an exceptional value.!

We also offer a couple of discounts for annual payment terms and qualified 501(c)(3) non-profits. Ask us for a quote!

There are no surprises with SHERPA, except perhaps with how surprisingly great our service can be. The prices listed here are the prices you will be charged.

Let SHERPA build your Statamic service plan.

Clients pick SHERPA because of our expert, personable Statamic support. We also offer on-demand solutions that fit your specific Statamic development needs:

  • pay-as-you-go hourly enhancements
  • weekly web team retainer
  • ongoing digital marketing and reporting

Let SHERPA build a Statamic service plan that fits your exact needs and concerns.

If you are asking that still, then our website hasn’t been clear enough about how we can help you; we need to talk to our web copywriter!

Maybe it’s better if we chatted — let’s schedule a time.