JB Poindexter & Co (JBPCO) is a privately-held portfolio of businesses that provide innovative services for commercial trucks, specialty vehicles, upfit and accessory, and manufacturing industries. A powerhouse of business talent and manufacturing excellence, JBPCO has evolved from acquiring and reselling businesses for capital gains to buying and operating companies for long-term growth.

Their companies include industry and market leaders serving millions of commercial and consumer customers across North America.


Over the past 37 years, JBPCO focused on growth, acquiring nine successful businesses in manufacturing and transportation. However, it recognized the need to balance its diverse portfolio's various digital tools and identities within a unified JBPCO ecosystem.

JBPCO challenged SHERPA to identify and build one robust, scalable content management platform (CMS) to rule them all. Ultimately, JBPCO sought to maintain user interface consistency and user experience best practices adoption across its many business units, while also granting them the flexibility they each needed to demonstrate their unique brands.

"JBPCO posed a highly intriguing challenge to SHERPA's web experts -- how do we create a best-in-class user experience across many online properties, each with unique user expectations, technology needs, and brand voice?"

- David Felfoldi, Chief Experience Officer


SHERPA knew business unit buy-in was essential to the initiative's success. After interviewing each business unit for their thoughts on brand cohesion and assessing their unique technology needs, SHERPA aligned their feedback with JBPCO's business objectives with a comprehensive UX Roadmap. SHERPA also confirmed the following success metrics with JBPCO:

  • Demonstrate brand cohesion among JBPCO and its businesses' digital properties

  • Ensure individualized success metrics with lead qualification and tracking

  • Provide compelling career content and calls to action to attract talent

SHERPA audited all the digital tools JBPCO and its businesses used. After careful consideration of multiple content management systems (CMS), SHERPA recommended the Statamic platform. By investing in such a highly customizable CMS, JBPCO would save money with reduced cost of ownership while scaling to the needs of each business unit.


Leveraging content strategy, UX best practices, and a custom-fitted Statamic CMS, SHERPA enabled JBPCO to ensure UX cohesion across the business units while empowering each business unit to retain its unique brand identity.

As a highly modular CMS, Statamic enables JBPCO to create scalable page layouts and functionalities called "blueprints." Their upfront investment saves each business unit thousands of dollars as they adopt the turn-key CMS for their own online property.

Most importantly, future success is now built-in for each business unit. SHERPA optimized each blueprint to warm up and qualify the prospect, driving increased lead gen and online sales.

The first busines unit to adopt the JBPCO platform realized immediate ROI, receiving millions in potential lead gen value in year one. Providing website visitors a blazingly fast website built on UX best practices improves business outcomes.

- Jef Blocker, UX Analyst


"SHERPA guided JBPCO expertly through the process of listening to the unique needs and wants of our business units. Their innovative solution set is saving us thousands in reduced operational costs AND driving more qualified leads."

– Director of Marketing