SPANX is the cheeky, fresh brand behind the revolutionary control-top woman’s hosiery. The company was born in 1998 in an Atlanta apartment when founder Sara Blakely cut the feet out of pantyhose. Since those modest beginnings, SPANX has expanded to include tights, hose, shapers, bras and underwear that have taken the industry by storm.


While positive media coverage and word-of-mouth grew Spanx through the mid-2000s, improving consumer-initiated demand from its ecommerce website proved difficult. As a result, Spanx was missing out on a valuable opportunity to grow its online sales.

Spanx sought guidance from SHERPA to aggressively increase search engine generated traffic and produce sustainable growth for their online shop.


The SPANX website had limited search engine optimization (SEO) best practices in a market dominated by well-established smaller retailers immersed in SEO. As a result, SHERPA organized and launched a strategic search engine marketing campaign that included both SEO best practices and PR-event based pay-per-click.


The results, like Spanx, were pretty shapely!

  • Search engine driven traffic surged 550%, increasing the firm’s online sales

  • Search engine share of total website traffic 6x

  • Improved brand awareness by snatching top keyphrase ranking for both branded and non‐branded products

  • 65% of the tracked key‐phrase listings were in the top 10 results of major search engines

  • Increased conversion rate of site visitors into actual customers by driving clearly defined, targeted traffic.

  • Cost of organic search engine driven traffic was reduced to less than 1 cent/visitor.

Ultimately, SHERPA’s search marketing campaign successfully propelled SPANX to the top of its market. The Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association (AiMA) awarded it that year’s “Most Effective Search Engine Marketing” campaign.