Website Design Package Prices

Garnering your trust starts with us being transparent. How is this for honesty?


$ 10k-15k

Estimated Range
  • Ideal for start-ups needing a professional and polished online presence
  • Mobile-enabled responsive design
    (template modification)
  • Supports up to 20 dynamic, database-driven pages/screens
  • Content outline planning
  • Contact / request information form
    (includes CAPTCHA SPAM deterrent)
  • Search-compliance markup and architecture
    (SEO campaign separate)
Customize Plan

Small BusinessMost Popular

$ 15k-25k

Estimated Range
  • Ideal for small-to-medium businesses that rely on a powerful website they can self-manage
  • Mobile-enabled responsive design
    (custom or advanced template modification)
  • Supports up to 50 dynamic, database-driven pages/screens
  • Information architecture planning
  • Content management system
    (installation, configuration, training)
  • Search-compliance markup and architecture
    (SEO campaign separate)
  • Extend CMS with 3rd party modules
  • Fully-functional blog integration
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$ 25k-75k+

Estimated Range
  • Ideal for large enterprises needing a custom website, application, or portal/intranet/extranet
  • Mobile-enabled responsive design
    (advanced custom design or interface)
  • Supports unlimited dynamic, database-driven pages/screens
  • Complex information architecture and process flows
  • Custom content management system
    (installation, configuration, training)
  • Search-compliance markup and architecture
    (SEO campaign separate)
  • Extend and customize CMS with 3rd party modules
  • Utilize custom API or Web Services
  • Server-side page load optimization techniques
Customize Plan
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What is included in these plans?

You getting what you expect.
We apply the same care and attention to pixel perfection on all our projects. Have you viewed our work yet?

You being a hero.
Every plan includes the expertise and guidance you need to make your website design project successful—on time and on budget. You’ll soon be the envy of your co-workers.

You being delighted.
We don’t spend a lot of time paying entry fees for awards to put on our walls. Our real reward is a delighted customer that speaks highly of us to our next client.

You enjoying gourmet trail mix.
We make our own trail mix recipes. We look forward to sharing it with you. What is your favorite ingredient?


Are these our only plans?

No. But we have deployed hundreds of websites over the past 15 years; we’ve gotten pretty good at estimating (and verifying those estimates). We’re even better at ensuring you are getting the most bang for your buck. Is your need custom? Let’s talk.

Why do we show our prices?

We believe that instilling trust starts first with us being candid and transparent in our relationship. For us, that starts with you now. We know we aren’t the cheapest (nor most expensive); we are certain we are the best value. Let’s talk about how we can start helping you.

What about support?

We’d never leave you behind! In addition to basic hosting services we offer support solutions that fit your specific needs: hourly support, monthly maintenance plans, and even whole or partial team outsourcing. Let’s build a support plan together that fits your exact needs and concerns.

What does 'SEO Campaign separate' mean?

Before anyone can “SEO optimize” a website, they first need to know for what search terms they are optimizing. While every site we build attends to search-compliance best practices, this is only the first step toward a successful SEO campaign. Let’s talk about starting keyword research to make sure we are optimizing for the right terms.