A keen programmer at an early age, Gonzalo developed his first commercial software, a POS system, at 15. It’s still used today.

For SHERPA’s clients, Gonzalo is the mapmaker of the digital terrain, defining and organizing the environments that enable business data management and growth.

Early  in his career, Gonzalo dedicated his talents to a number of companies and projects, where he integrated programming with design, architecture, and implementation. During that time, he started Accendo, specializing in custom programming, telecom configurations, and server installation.

Today, he specializes in web portal development, API integration, and advanced programming applications.

Software Developer




Reading / Research


Spouse & Father


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Training (Academic)

Self-taught in the wild and in the field.

Trail Experience (Professional)

Back-end development, data architecture.

Professional Recognition / Awards

Co-founder of Accendo and InProve, IT services firms.

Personal Accomplishment

Flying and aeronautics.


Wife Natalia and son Santiago.

If I Was a Trail Mix...

Topographical map, revealing the scale and scope of the digital journey.