Everything began with a ” big bang ” of ideas that guided me professionally by the path of Design. Graduate and Bachelor of Design with distinction, I started my training in one of the best web agencies in Chile, where I served as a web designer. Over time and with my abilities, I found a place in art direction and also in the creation of UI.

Without forgetting my artistic interest, I studied a degree in illustration, and also one in art direction which has given strength and consistency to my work and personal projects.

Always in search of new horizons, and with the unconditional support of my loves (my wife and daughter), I have continued to develop work for various clients on an international level, and also with brands and companies like Nestle, Mitsubishi, Banco Itau, Cmpc, Rosen, and others.

In recent years, I have focused primarily on user interface design, concept development, and visual communication. I believe that a great design should not only look good, but must also assist users to achieve their goals efficiently and effortlessly. I am inspired by good design and by seeing my daughter grow up every day.

My objective is to deliver work with the highest quality and cleanliness!

Sherpa has relied on my work and that has opened the world to me.







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Husband & Father


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Training (Academic)

Graphic Designer and Bachelor of Design (High Distinction) University of Viña del Mar.

Trail Experience (Professional)

8 years in the world of web design and illustration.

Professional Recognition / Awards

Bob’s work in communications, brand design, website development and packaging has garnered more than 70 professional awards and has been featured in several regional and international publications, including The Atlanta Business Chronicle, Communication Arts, How, Critique, Print and Graphic Design USA.

Bob has enjoyed speaking to corporate, civic and educational audiences on issues ranging from brand strategy and customer experience to website design and usability. He has served on numerous boards including the American Institute of Graphic Arts, Southeastern Center for the Arts, Moving in the Spirit, Creating Pride and the American Cancer Society’s committee on public information.

Personal Accomplishment

I drove my vehicle “14.29 miles” while my daughter was being born in the back seat.

Preferred Survival Tool

Pen and paper to capture my ideas, in an extreme case I can make fire.

If I Was a Trail Mix...

Honey + Raspberries + oats (for energy). Sweet start to finish with an acid touch at the end.