Sebastian’s skills drive the front-end production of web and mobile applications, as well as the development and support of client management systems.

He started programming at 12-years-old on a TK-90, inspired by his older brothers who showed him the way of the digital path. A born linguist of programming languages, young Sebastian progressed from BASIC to Pascal to C Programming language. He eventually landed his first job as a graphic designer producing AUTOCAD drawings. At 19, he expanded into web development, adding core front-end web technologies—HTML, CSS, and Javascript—to his repertoire.

Today, he bridges the world of back-end and front-end development, developing web pages that not only are delightful to use, but quick and reliable as well.

An avid outdoorsman (naturally) and sportsman, Sebastian loves being immersed in nature, preferably at the beach. He enjoys playing and watching soccer, his favorite game. Most recently at a SHERPA team-building event, he discovered the joys of firing handguns. Ever a child of the ’80s, the rock bands from the era and video games of today hold this sherpa’s heart captive.

Web Developer


Hacking / Coding


Soccer / Games


Spouse & Father


Dog Walker


Let’s get to know each other better.

Trail Experience (Professional)

Web development and production.

Training (Academic)

Self-taught in the wild and in the field.


Wife Laura and son Benjamin.

Preferred Survival Tool

Swiss Army Knife, the most indispensable, multi-purpose tool for handling any situation.