Meet Your Sherpas

David Felfoldi

Digital Strategy, Director

David developed the idea for SHERPA while in a not-so-very digital place — multi-pitch climbing Tallulah Gorge. He saw that he challenge of a daunting technical climb was a suitable metaphor for digital marketing initiatives.

Jef Blocker

Project & UX, Analyst

Jef's passion for storytelling and what makes people tick drew him to UX design, as he loves the way it utilizes both the creative and analytical sides of his brain. He also finds it meaningful to collaborate with others on projects that improve the quality of our lives.

Gonzalo Martinez

Web Application Architect, Lead

A keen programmer at an early age, Gonzalo developed his first commercial software when he was only 15. It’s still used today. He specializes in web portal development, API integration, and advanced programming applications.`` social

Sebastian Baldovino

Front-End Web Developer, Lead

Sebastian puts the magic of the web to work by pushing the boundaries of web browsers. He leads the front-end development of interfaces across all types of devices -- desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Pablo Pereyra

Front-End Web Developer

Rodrigo Luna

Web Designer, Lead

Rodrigo makes what you see online visually engaging while intelligently simple. He designs the front-end web application interfaces across all types of devices -- desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Jennifer Wilder

Digital Content Marketing Manager

Jennifer takes unstructured ideas and crafts them into cohesive, compelling copy for mass communication. She has worked with words most of her life—as a printer’s daughter, a public relations professional, a publishing manager, an editor and as a social media manager.