Share a File in an NPressive Instance Library

This article shows you how to share a file in an NPressive instance Library.

Step 1: Groupings Module

Select the Library Module in the purple navigation bar on the left.

Step 2: Find the Folder Where the File Is Located

Every File is a Folder in a Library Category or Subcategory.

You can search for files in three ways.

Option 1

Find the folder in the Library Category Column from the six categories and their subcategories:

  • Marketing/Sales

    • Templates

    • Presentation

    • Branding/Logo

    • Case Studies

    • Print Collateral

  • Human Resources

    • Company Policies

    • Employee Guidelines

    • Official Document

    • Benefits Information

  • Accounting

    • Entry/PTO Request

    • Payroll

    • Expense Reimbursement

  • e-Learning

    • Tutorial

    • Instructions

    • Webinar

  • Management

    • Report

    • Strategy

    • Planning

  • Legal

    • Terms

    • Licensing

Option 2

Select the List All Button under the Library Categories.

All files will display in the Library Grid to the right.

Option 3

If the folder or file has been modified recently, you can select the folder under the 5 most recently modified folders.

Step 3: Find the File

Once you've found the file in the Library, select the ... icon under Actions, and then select Share Folder.

Alternatively, you can select the folder and view the folder's content, select the ... to the right of the Edit Button in the upper-right corner, and then select Share Folder.

Step 4: Attachments Modal

An Attachments Modal shows all files in the folder by Name.

Select the file you wish to share and then select the Submit Button.

If you've changed your mind, select Cancel.

Step 5: Share Folder Modal

A Share Folder Modal shows a message to all members who have access to the file selected.

By default, all file-share messages are sent with the following settings:

  • Reply All: Deny

  • Reply To: (Secure)

  • Priority: Normal

By typing a description in the Subject Field, you can personalize the message.

The body also displays the following message:

This is an automated email sent by a robot. Please do not reply to it as it will never be seen by a fellow human.

You can send the message as is or edit or type over it.

You'll see your file attached to the bottom of the message.

Step 6: Send

If you select the Send Button, you'll send your message now.

If you select the caret on the right side of the button, you can select Schedule send to use the date picker to send the message later.

Step 7: Success

If you sent the message, a success dialog modal appears in the upper-right corner that reads:

Message successfully queued for delivery.

Last modified on October 31st, 2022